used/unwanted textbooks welcome

Magnus Fiskesjo (fisk@MIDWAY.UCHICAGO.EDU)
Sun, 24 Sep 1995 14:25:47 CDT

Dear friends on this list:

Used/unwanted textbooks welcome
(for Yunnan University new anthro dept)

At Yunnan University in Kunming, China,
efforts are under way to organize a new
anthropology department and curriculum.
While visiting over this past summer I
was asked to help find Western-language
introductory textbooks --especially
in archaeology and physical anthropology--
and other general literature that may be useful as
reference and for the use of future students there.

Any donations of such books (used copies,
promotional, etc.) are welcome. If sent to my
address I'll forward them along with what
I have gathered from bookstores here in Chicago.

Magnus Fiskesjo
Dept anthropology
Univ of Chicago
1126 E 59th St
Chicago, Ill. 60615
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