Put it on the ground (was Re: biocultural evolution)

Matthew S. Tomaso (Tomaso@MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU)
Fri, 22 Sep 1995 08:15:21 -0500

While I certainly agree that evolutionary models (that is, models about
change) are of potential use in archaeology, I would like to propose a
challenge. Let's put one of these models on the ground with an
hypothetical, or even real, example. Year after year, I see elaborate
arguments about the viability of evolutionary paradigms, but rarely have I
seen anything particularly enlightening come out of their application. I
suspect that many other listmembers would feel more at ease with this
discussion, especially those of us interested in social realities like
power, ideology, identity, agency, consciousness, and discourse, if we were
able to point to something (anything) specific that this approach can yield
and which can not be given (as easily) by any other approach.
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