new book coming out in OCT

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I thought that people might be interested in this book and the table of

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Thought you might be interested in this book, an updated version of a
special issue of _comparative Civilizations Review_ which came out in 1994.
Altamira is an offshoot of sage started by Mitch Allen, BTW.

Since I communicate w/ Steve S regularly I'll know when it is out.

tom hall

_Civilizations and World-Systems: Two Approaches to the Study of
World-Historical Change_, edited by Stephen K. Sanderson, 1995.
Walnut Creek, CA: Altamira Press.

Preface vii
About the Authors xi

PART I: Civilizational Approaches to World-Historical Chasnge
Introduction: Stephen K. Sanderson 1 -10
1. The Nature of Civilizations Matthew Melko 11-31
2. Central Civilization David Wilkinson 32-60
3. Dialectial Evolutionary Theory of Civilizations, Empires
and Wars William Eckardt 61-79

PART II: World System Approaches to World-Historical Change
Introduction: Stephen K. Sanderson & Thomas D. Hall 81-94
4. Cross-World-System Comparisons: Similarities and Differences
Christopher Chase-Dunn & Thomas D. Hall 95-121
5. Capital and POwer in the Processes of World History
Barry K. Gills 122-148
6. The Modern World System Revisited: Rereading Braudel and
Wallerstein Andre Gunder Frank 149-180
7. Let's Be Grank about World History
Albert Bergesen 181-191
8. World Cities and World Economic Cycles
Andrew Bosworth 192-213

PART III: Civilizations and World Systems: Dialogue and
Introduction: Stephen K. Sanderson & Thomas D. Hall 215-224
9. Hold the Tiller Firm: On Method and the Unit of Analysis
Immanuel Wallerstein 225- 233
10. Civilizations are World Systems! David Wilkinson 234-246
11. Expanding World Commercialization: The Link Between World-
Systems and Civilizations Stephen K. Sanderson 247-258
12. Globalization, World-System Theory, and the Comparative Study
of Civilizations: Issues of Theoretical Logic in World-
Historical Sociology
Victor Roudometof and Roland Robertson 259-285

PART IV: Epilogue
Introduction: Stephen K. Sanderson 287-288
13. The Rise of the West after Twenty-Five Years
William H. McNeill 289-206

Index 307ff