Re: More Evolutionary Thoughts

Vance Geiger (geiger@PEGASUS.CC.UCF.EDU)
Sun, 17 Sep 1995 16:45:42 -0400

Bob Wrathall writes:

What I am strongly suggesting is that when intelligence is mixed
with evolutionary forces, those forces become directed by
intelligence. Every man or woman who has been pleased by the
choice of a "good" mate participates in that intelligent
mechanism and sets the direction for the evolution of the species
by the operation of that intelligence.

Likewise, the developement of culture can be chosen by the
operation of intelligence.

Overall, I believe that intelligence has been firmly in control
of both cultural and genetic evolution for the past million
years, give or take. Call it "intelligence selection," if you
will, which is the conscious selection for favorable or perceived
favorable traits.


Our differences do go beyond the semantic. In this we will
merely dissagree. I do think that there are things about which
humans can be intelligent, the long-term future of humanity, is
however, not one of them. I do not think that intelligence
ensures survival nor reproductive success. I do not think that
organisms can choose conciously or intelligently which traits
WILL be favorable. The only way this is possible to even suggest
is to predetermine the future which I do not think is possible,
that is beyond the imagined. To the degree people are capable of
creating what they imagine they can make intelligent choices. I
do not think, however, that all that much fits into that
category. There are simply too many unintended consequences for
any such choices.

This is, however, the crux of the issue of science and prediction
that was being discussed on the list. Thus, any replies?