Re: Survival of the fittest semantics

Sun, 17 Sep 1995 12:15:39 -0400

The populations moving into the Americas from Asia were not necessarily one
ethnic group that over the course of 15-30,000 years diversified into the
ethnic groups found at contact. Linguistically and physically there was
probably a considerable amount of variation to begin with that must be taken
into account on any model. It is ok to talk about populations, genetic
variability, allele frequencies but race belongs solely in discusses of
social groupings. Continuing to frame discussions of human variability
within the frameworks of "races" even if the term itself is not used helps
perpetuate these outdated concepts. I have seen many discussions of Race
over the Internet, and they typically degenerate into debates with those with
racist agendas. IMHO Anthropologists should take the lead in deconstructing
the whole notion of race and provide postive alternatives to contrasting the
differences between indiividuals and groups in the Human species.