Re: your insult to Anita Cohen-Williams (fwd)

Robert Johnson (johnsorl@COLORADO.EDU)
Sat, 16 Sep 1995 07:27:33 -0600

On Thu, 14 Sep 1995 wrote:

> Robert Johnson,
> You sorry sack of shit.
> Your insult of Anita Cohen-Williams ("The 'librarian' who rides herd on
> opinions in anthropology") really confirmed a lot of things that I have come
> to think about you. I tried so hard to resist replying to you on this but I
> couldn't resist. Part of the reason I couldn't resist was knowing that
> bastards like you exploit the civilty of those you insult.
> What is clear about you is that you are elitist in the worst way. You are so
> positive that you are right about everything and know everything (read closed
> minded and illliberal) that you have no problem with shoving your views down
> everyone's throat. It is this same sort of conviction and conviction that
> has accounted for most of the misery and suffering that humankind has known.
> Don't you realize that in some twisted and megalomaniacle sort of way,
> Hitler was full up with some sort of philosophical and ideological position
> that led him and his followers to perform their attrocities. Their
> convictions were only half of the formula. It took the certainty of their
> convictions (no self critical ability) to allow them to impose their
> philosophies on others. Remember, totalitarianism can come from the right or
> the left.
> How else do I know you're an elitist of the worst kind. Calling attention to
> Anita's status as a "librarian"... give me a break. If my memory serves me
> correctly, Georges Bataille was a librarian by profession. And I bet he read
> a lot of books in that line of work, something that you could surely benefit
> from.
> I wouldn't give a rats ass if Anita was a street sweeper, I would give her my
> complete attention and judge her arguments and knowlege and not with
> reference to her day job. How do you know that the street sweeper doesnt'
> spend hours in self education? I even welcome you to make your comments and
> arguments on the list no matter how much I might disagree with them (since my
> mind is open, I never know when I might see something in a new way). But I
> won't stand by while you insult people.
> Your need to personally attack people says a lot of bad things about you.
> Where does all the hatred and venom come from? If you are like this to
> people you don't even know, what are you like to people in person. Wait, I
> can answer that one myself. Not a lot of friends I bet. And yea, right, the
> state of colorado, the university, all the faculty at the univ., everyone is
> screwed up and wrong, and you are the normal one. We're all screwed up and
> you're normal. Here is a news flash for you--every nutcase in every asylum
> who thinks he's napoleon thinks it too. I'm no shrink but in my opinion, you
> are seriously mentally ill.
> Your'e awfully brave with your insults in the safety of non face to face
> communication. I bet your not so brave in person. At the next anthropology
> conference I'll be testing my theory. I'm going to seek you out and see how
> willing you would be to insult me to my face.
> Oh by the way. I see the news reports of the indiginous people of canada
> having it out with the police up there. I sure don't see your name in the
> reports and don't here you reporting of your trip there to stand with them.
> If you are such an activist why dont' you put your butt where your mouth is?
> Probably the same sort of cowardice that compels you to sit in the dark with
> your computer and insult people that are thousands of miles away.
> I'm sending this to you privately because I don't think the people reading
> this list want to be bothered with the kind of nonsense that you are so good
> at eliciting. But of course you have my permission to post it yourself but I
> bet you won't.
> William Price

At the next conference, you and I will go to a local full contact
studio and you can knock yourself out.