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Gary M. Heathcote (zinjman@UOG9.UOG.EDU)
Sat, 16 Sep 1995 13:11:26 +0000

Hafa Ada'i,

I am working with two upper division students on an ethnohistory
project regarding the indigenous people of the Marianas (Chamorus). Up
to this point, we have concentrated on structured note-taking, culling
from the primary and secondary literature any and all data of pertinence
to understanding the human population biology and historical archaeology
of post-Contact Chamorus.

This term, the project is taking a synthetic and analytic turn.
The students are interested in looking at temporal trends regarding, e.g.
subsistence activity patterns, physical descriptions of the people,
population size estimates, etc.

I have suggested to them that they could frame their critical
discussions of such culled descriptive data around *timelines*. Simply
begin by laying excerpted descriptions out, chronologically, and use such
a device for anchoring their discussions. That, of course, would be the
easy part ....... making any sense of it will involve factoring in all
kinds of 'eyes and filters of the beholder' variables (e.g. nationality and
and/or religious order of the writer, in the face of international
politics of the time).

My request of ANTHRO-L subscribers is this: If you know of any
good published articles that could serve as a *model(s)*, please pass on the
reference(s) to us. The publication could focus on any aspect of social
or cultural process ....... examining temporal trends and the whys and
wherefores of same ...... where *timelines* serve as centerpieces to the

Thank you for your consideration. Please reply to us directly
at <>.

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