L White and individuals

Fri, 15 Sep 1995 20:47:55 EWT

Rob Prince [no I am not fixatingon him, he just asks good questions] says he\
is impressed by White's disscussion of Inknaton and individuals. I would
espond by noting that White was talking about culture with a capital C, and
it is very difficult to do ethnohistory/ethnography with that version of
culture. it is much easier with a small c; it is particularly interesting
with the kind of culture suggestedby Linton: culture is differentially shared
by members of society, on the one hand, not every one has exactly the same culture, and some people are in positions of power such that their "cultures" have
immediate survival value. [nb: these are my extrapolations; Linton never went
so far, but he might recognize the logic. {{WS are you pout there? would RL agree??}}] That is, if you agree with those in power, you survive, if you doin't you don't....