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Available: 1 September 1995
Editor: Christopher Chippindale & Cyprian Brodbank
Christopher Chippindale

Michael R. Eddy
Politics and archaeology in the Canary Islands

Bruce G. Trigger
Expanding middle-range theory

Nicholas Postgate, Tao Wang & Toby Wilkinson
The evidence for early writing: utilitarian or ceremonial?

Tjeerd H. van Andel & Curtis N. Runnels
The earliest farmers in Europe

A.J. Ammerman, M. De Min, R. Housley & C.E. McClennen
More on the origins of Venice

Elizabeth J. Currie
Archaeology, ethnohistory and exchange along the coast
of Ecuador

R.N.L.B. Hubbard
Fallow deer in prehistoric Greece, and the analogy
between faunal spectra and pollen analyses

Jeremy Dronfield
Subjective vision and the source of Irish megalithic art

D.P. Agrawal, Jeewan Kharakwal, Sheela Kusumgar &
M.G. Yadava
Cist burials of the Kumaun Himalayas

David W. Anthony
Horse, wagon & chariot: Indo-European languages
and archaeology

Philippe Della Casa
The Cetina group and the transition from Copper to
Bronze Age in Dalmatia

Snjezana Vrdoljak & Staso Forenbaher
Bronze-casting and organization of production at
Kalnik-Igrisce (Croatia)

Mark Patton
New light on Atlantic seaboard passage-grave
chronology: radiocarbon dates from La Hougue
Bie (Jersey)

Keith J. Matthews
Archaeological data, sub-cultures and social dynamics

Mark W. Holley & Ian B.M. Ralston
Radiocarbon dates for two crannogs on the Isle of
Mull, Strathclyde Region, Scotland

Neal W. Ackerly
"This does not compute": the All-American Pipeline
Project revisited

B.K. Maloney
A brief reinterpretation of the pollen record from Khok
Phanom Di, central Thailand, and its archaeological

Luis Alberto Borrero
Human and natural agency: some comments on Pedra Furada

Robin Dennell & Linda Hurcombe
Comment on Pedra Furada


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Christopher Chippindale

Paul G. Bahn
Cave art without the caves

Robert Irwin
>From a science future to a fantasy past

David Harris
Recent academic development at the London Institute
of Archaeology

A.M. Pollard
Why teach Heisenberg to archaeologists?

David M. Stemper & Hector Salgado Lopez
Local histories and global theories in Colombian
Pacific coast archaeology

Tracey Cullen
Mesolithic mortuary ritual at Franchthi Cave, Greece

Judith Sealy, Richard Armstrong & Carmel Schrire
Beyond lifetime averages: tracing life histories
through isotopic analysis of different calcified tissues
from archaeological human skeletons

Silvia Tomaskova
A site in history: archaeology at Dolni Vestonice/

Gordon J. Barclay, Gordon S. Maxwell, Ian A. Simpson,
& Donald A Davidson
The Cleaven Dyke: a Neolithic cursus monument/bank barrow in Tayside Region,

Timothy Insoll
A cache of hippopotamus ivory at Gao, Mali; and a
hypothesis of its use

Paul F. Healy, Jaime J. Awe, Gyles Iannone, &
Cassandra Bill
Pacbitun (Belize) and ancient Maya use of slate

Ted Goebel & Mikhail Aksenov
Accelerator radiocarbon dating of the initial Upper
Palaeolithic in southeast Siberia