Symposium, Oct 7-8, NYC

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The National Museum of the American Indian,
Smithsonian Institution,
has the pleasure of inviting you to take part in a symposium on
"The Changing Presentation of the American Indian,"
Saturday, October 7, and Sunday, October 8,
at the George Gustav Heye Center,
National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution,
Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House,
One Bowling Green,
New York, New York 10004.

Museums#along with books, newspapers, and Wild West shows in the 19th
century, movies and television in the 20th#have shaped the public's
perceptions of American Indians. How have museums' representations
of Indians influenced society's understanding of them? How are
Indians presented in exhibitions and programs today? What new
directions are museums taking as they look ahead to the 21st century?

On October 7 and 8, the National Museum of the American Indian at the
George Gustav Heye Center in New York is hosting a symposium on "The
Changing Presentation of the American Indian." Six prominent
curators and museum directors#Indian and non-Indian#will explore this
issue from several perspectives.

The public is invited to take part in the symposium, beginning with a
reception on Saturday, October 7, at 3:00 p.m., and continuing with
the presentation of papers and discussion on Sunday, October 8, from
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The symposium is free of charge. However, participants must register
in advance for both Saturday's and Sunday's programs.

To register, please send your name, organization (if any), address,
and daytime phone number to Danyelle Means at 212-825-4553 (voice) or
212-825-4552 (fax). Please mention whether you wish to attend the
reception October 7, the symposium October 8, or both.

Program Schedule:

Saturday, October 7
Collector's Reception Room, GGHC main floor

3:00#5:00 p.m. Reception
Meet the speakers and other symposium participants.

Sunday, October 8
Auditorium, GGHC lower level

9:00#9:15 a.m. Welcome
W. Richard West, Jr., Director, NMAI
Charlotte Heth, Assistant Director for Public Programs, NMAI
Rick Hill, Associate Professor, State University of New York at
Buffalo (Moderator)

9:15#10:00 a.m. "Presenting the American Indian: From Europe to
Evan M. Maurer, Director and CEO, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts,
Minneapolis, Minnesota

10:00#10:45 a.m. "`Our' Indians: The Unidimensional Indian in the
Disembodied Local Past"
James D. Nason, Director, American Indian Studies Center, University
of Washington, Seattle, Washington

10:45#11:15 a.m. Break

11:15 a.m.#12:00 noon "The Poetics of Museum Representations: Tropes
of Recent American Indian Art Exhibitions"
David W. Penney, Curator of Native American Art, The Detroit
Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan

12:00 noon#12:30 p.m. Discussion and questions from the audience
Rick Hill, Evan Maurer, James Nason, and David Penney

12:30#1:45 p.m. Lunch break

1:45#2:30 p.m. "The Integration of Traditional Indian Beliefs into
the Museum at Warm Springs"
Janice Clements, Member, Board of Directors, The Museum at Warm
Springs, Warm Springs, Oregon

2:30#3:15 p.m. "Are Changing Representations of First Peoples in
Canadian Museums and Galleries Challenging the Curatorial
Michael M. Ames, Director and Professor, Museum of Anthropology, The
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia

3:15#3:45 p.m. Break

3:45#4:30 p.m. "Learn about Our Past, to Understand Our Future: The
Story of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe"
Joycelyn Wedll, Site Manager/Curator, Mille Lacs Indian Museum and
Trading Post, Onamia, Minnesota

4:30#5:00 p.m. Discussion and questions from the audience
Rick Hill, Janice Clements, Michael Ames, Joycelyn Wedll

The National Museum of the American Indian is dedicated to the
protection, support, development, and perpetuation of Native cultures
and communities. Please join us for what promises to be a lively and
enlightening symposium.

Location: The Heye Center is located in the historic Alexander
Hamilton Custom House at One Bowling Green, near Battery Park in
lower Manhattan. It is adjacent to the Bowling Green station of the
East Side IRT (trains 4 and 5) and close to the Whitehall Street
station of the BMT (trains N and R) and the South Ferry station of
the West Side IRT (trains 1 and 9). Other subway and bus stops are

There is no dining facility in the museum. A list of restaurants in
the area, open on Sundays, is available upon request.