Ontario Cops Kill Native Activist

Tue, 12 Sep 1995 15:10:37 -0500

The native sovereigntist movement is exploding in Canada with
roadblocks and encampmants throughout B.C. and beyond. I will be
posting an article on this tomorrow. But for now, one of many
e-mail updates I have been receiving on the situation. Note the
URL listed near the top of the following article. It is the best
site for updates on the Gustsafsen Lake (B.C.) encampment of
Shuswap defenders (currently surrounded by cops), and for
information on the native sovereigntist movement more generally.
There is also some info there on the situation at Ipperwash
provincial park in Ontario where Ontario provincial police last
week opened fire on unarmed native men, women and children,
killing one and wounding others.

kim goldberg
nanaimo, b.c.

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From: yacinfo@mars.ark.com (Ernie Yacub)
To: uc389@freenet.victoria.bc.ca (Zabaglione Goldman)
Cc: yacinfo@mars.ark.com (Ernie Yacub)
Subject: Haudenosaunee Declaration (fwd)
Date: Sun, 10 Sep

The following declaration was received early this morning,
September 9.
The 15 year old boy, Nick George, was shot by the Ontario
Provincial Police, but is alive. The police are making it very
difficult to get accurate information. The media throughout the
day have hardly said anything at all about the shooting of
unarmed first nations people except that one man is dead.

posted by Ernie Yacub

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Mohawk Nation Kahnawake Branch
Kanien'kehaka A'onakerahsera
via Box 645
Kahnawake, PQ
Canada J0L 1B0

To: Jean Chretien, Prime Minister of Canada
Premier Mike Harcourt, British Columbia
Premier Mike Harris, Ontario

Be advised this date, September 7, 1995, that:

- Any further violence committed against our sovereign
Turtle Island Brothers and Sisters of the Shuswap
Nation, at Gustafsen Lake, British Columbia, or Stoney
Nation at Ipperwash Park, Ontario, will be answered in

- Those directly and indirectly responsible for the
murders of our brothers (one a fifteen year old boy) at
Ipperwash, Ontario, will be identified and held
accountable for their actions.

- Those directly and indirectly responsible for the
beatings of our women and children at Ipperwash,
Ontario, will be identified and held accountable for
their actions.

We have remained silent for some time now in the hope
that your governments could finally come to terms
honorably with our rights to sovereign control of our
lands and destiny. You have always said that all you
needed was just a little more time - as if 500 years is
not enough. And what have you given to our people with
that little more time? You have given to us more guns,
more bullets, more violence, more threats, more empty
fascist rhetoric about your law and order, all at the
expense of justice for our people.

Even your self-government packages and policing
agreements drip with the venomous intentions you have
towards our people and their sovereignty. They are not
silent on our rights. They scream out your intention to
extinguish us. They are Dr. Kevorkian's tools for assisted
suicide, that will kill us as surely as your guns and

And so, we remain silent no more. And so, we advise
you that we will not stand idly by while you continue to
brutalize our people.

For the civilized record: First comes truth. Then comes
justice. Then comes the mutually nourishing strength
that leads to a living law and order. Only in a brutally
repressive fascist state does law and order stand alone -
like police state tanks and bullets.

The latest victims of your fascist state are:
Dudley George, shot in the back;
Nicholas Cottrell, 15, unarmed, executed with a
bullet to the head.

Mohawk Nation
Six Nation Confederacy
Kahnawake Territory


posted by S.I.S.I.S.
Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty
PO Box 8673
Victoria, BC
Canada V8X 3S2

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