Re: Anthro & Politics

Giacobbe John (Catalinus@AOL.COM)
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 18:19:13 -0400

Ms. Bennett has raised several points with regard to scientific objectivity.
First, I must agree that we are all products of our society, and that our
perceptions are biased to some degree based on our ethical upbringing.
However, I believe that a scientific endeavor must be able to break out of
its past and be objective, or it is not only useless but dangerous. I also
believe anthropology can and has done that in many instances. Like any
science, anthroplogy should be founded in the scientific method and the
desire for objective evaluation of the facts. No one accusses physics of
being biased when they say hydrogen has one electron in its shell, that is an
empirical fact well proven by nuclear reactors. Anthropology must strive for
similararily objective facts, and I believe they are possible to elucidate.
As to the grounding of paradigms in current power structures, while some
small minds still persist in such attitudes, and we all may find ourself
being critical and biased from time to time, a true scientist must seek for
those truths that do exist beyond societal bias.

Sorry I got on a rant

John A. Giacobbe