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Date: Mon, 11 Sep 1995 14:59:59 GMT+10000
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Subject: Re: postcolonialiam and capitalism

Glad to see someone bring this up Samir.
Throughout the ordeal, one has only been able to explain Western
silences and 'helplessness' regarding this issue as a symptom of
current western political thought, which sees Muslim extremists
as the new global enemy (and with some justification) but is as yet
unable to distinguish between Muslims(those adhering to a
religious belief ) and Muslim extremists who have set themselves in
opposition to the West. Having come under criticism for the Gulf War
(rightly so, I believe), the West has hoped to be spared another
embarrassing display of impaired judgement. However, it has instead
displayed that it is not able to make any evaluation whatsoever of
issues where its own political and economic interests are not
threatened. Apparently, human right and war crimes issues are just
too much for the West at this time. Only when prestige (a valuable
political asset, after all) was obviously at stake was some action
finally taken. No doubt the allies are heaving great sighs of relief
that they have been able to remain relatively silent on and confused
about one of the atrocities of the century yet come out looking like
the great peace makers. (You watch the the furrowed brows,
cautious statements pregnant with deep meanings, and emphasis on the
complexities and delicacies of US mediation that will occupy this
issue from now on, thrusting the human rights issues into the
great atrocities of the centuryEven the late entry into the
conflict smacks heavily of

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