Re: Corruption in Anthropology

Tosca Zraikat EDA (T.Zraikat@EDA.GU.EDU.AU)
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 14:14:18 GMT+10000

To R. Johnson
your open letter regarding desecration of sites, like many of your
posting, both on this and the anthro list, raises important issues
that should be addressed. May I share with you some thoughts on some
of your postings? First, I think by relating each issue back to
yourself, you detract from the issues of injustice and force readers
to consider them in association with your complaints and vitriolic,
justified though they may be. Native Americans have enough
prejudice, injustice and institutionalized antagonism to deal with
without having to cope with the burden of your problems with various
people and institutions. Second, in associating each informative
piece and relevant comment with yourself, you seem to be "riding" on
the back of these crucial issues, using these concerns and people's
interest in them for your own purposes.
If I am being unjust, then I stand corrected. I just wanted you to
know that this is how it looks to me. I read your postings for the
information of value they contain. Others might ignore them, losing
this information, because of your diatribes. Please consider keeping
your personal issues separate from issues of relevance to others,
particularly from issues that are of relevance to the people whose
name you so indiscriminately invoke.
Thanks, Tosca