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Subject: MINERVA: new list on women & military
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Announcing the MINERVA List
Discussion on women and the military and women in war

This list is sponsored by The MINERVA Center, Inc., a
non-profit educational foundation devoted to promoting
the study of women and the military and women in war.
Since 1983, the Center has pursued its mission through
print publication. We have two quarterly periodicals:
_MINERVA: Quarterly Report on Women and the Military_
which carries major articles by historians,
sociologists, political scientists and other scholars
as well as contributions from independent researchers,
oral histories, bibliographies, and occassionally short
stories and poetry. The second publication is
_Minerva's Bulletin Board_, an international news
magazine on women and the military which carries brief
news items from around the world as well as a column of
Letters to MINERVA and a regular column contributed by

The MINERVA Center also publishes books. In 1994 we
published Lauren Cook Burgess, ed., _An Uncommon
Soldier: The Civil War Letters of Sarah Rosetta Wakeman,
alias Private Lyons Wakeman, 153rd Regiment, New York State
Volunteers_, which will have a paperback edition released by
Oxford University Press this fall. In December we will publish
C. Kay Larson, _'Til We Come Marching Home: A Brief History
of American Women in World War II_.

Linda Grant De Pauw, the President of The MINERVA
Center, is also Professor of History at The George
Washington University, which is the only institution
offering graduate training in the women's military
history specialty. This list has been given a jump
start by the students currently enrolled in her
Research Seminar on Women and War who were the first to
sign on in September.

The MINERVA list is open to anyone with a serious
interest in its subject matter and encourages a variety
of contributions. We offer a forum for exchange
between scholars and for the current concerns of active
duty women and women veterans (including "civilian"
veterans like military wives and members of the Red
Cross). We are eager to receive personal memories,
inquiries, unsolicited book reviews, information on
meetings, and cross-postings from other parts of

MINERVA is a moderated list, that is it is edited to
filter out extraneous messages (like requests to
subscribe) or items that do not belong on this list
because they are not relevant to our subject matter.
We will also edit out "flames" or other material that
does not contribute to The MINERVA Center's mission to
provide "information and inspiration."

To subscribe to the list send the following message to
Subscribe MINERVA yourfirstname yourlastname
Include nothing else in your message; and note that
Listserv does not have a final e

Please cross-post this announcement for others who may
be interested in this list.

Direct all comments or questions to
Linda Grant De Pauw
The MINERVA Center, Inc.
20 Granada Road
Pasadena, MD 21122
(410) 437-5379

MINERVA "information and inspiration"
Women and War + Women and the Military
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