ACRA Agenda

Sat, 9 Sep 1995 13:15:11 -0400

The following is the Draft Agenda for the first annual conference of the
American Cultural Resources Association. There is still time to register.
If you would like to come, please send a check for $85 (members) or $95
(nonmembers) to ACRA, 6150 East Ponce de Leon Ave., Stone Mountain, Georgia
30083. Make checks payable to ACRA. Please include your name, address and
phone number. Also include your name and company name as you would like
them to appear on your name tag.

Annual Meeting Draft Agenda
October 7-8, 1995

Saturday October 7, 1995
8:00 AM Registration and Meet & Greet Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM Welcome & Introductions - Tom Wheaton, Executive Director, ACRA

9:15 AM Overview of ACRA - Charles M. Niquette, President, ACRA


9:30 -10:30 AM Panel I - The Preservation Partners:
Current Issues and Concerns
Bob Bush, Executive Director ACHP
Roland Bowers, Deputy Associate Director for Cultural Resources, NPS
Eric Hertfelder, Executive Director NCSHPO

10:30-10:45 AM Break

10:45 AM-12:15 PM Panel II - Preservation Politics:
New Challenges and Opportunities
Loretta Neumann, President, CEHP Incorporated
Nellie Longsworth, President, Preservation Action
Page Miller, Executive Director, National Coordinating Committee
for the Promotion of History
Helen Hooper, Government Relations Director, Land Trust Alliance

12:15-1:30 PM Lunch


1:30-3:00 PM SESSION I -

Concurrent Session - Emerging Issues in Compliance:
Changes in Section 106
Moderator - Judy Robinson, Robinson & Associates
Views from ACRA - Tom Lennon, Western CRM
Views from Industry - Nevada Mining Association (invited)
Views from the Council - Ron Anzalone, Director, Office of Preservation
Education and Assistance, ACHP
Views from a Federal Agency - Evan DeBloois, Historic Preservation Officer,
USDA Forest Service
Views from a State - David Dutton, Compliance Officer, Virginia SHPO

Concurrent Session - Emerging Issues in Federal Contracting
Moderator - Chrissa Wang, Hardlines: Design & Delineation
ACRA's Concerns - Pat O'Bannon, Kise Franks and Straw
Congress & Contracting: What's in Store - Stuart Binstock, American
Institute of Architects
Contracting & Changes in Professional Standards - Sue Henry, NPS
The Other Side of Contracting: Being a Federal Contract Specialist - Carol
Holtz, USDA Forest Service

3:30-5:00 PM SESSION II-

Concurrent Session - Changing Climate for CRM Work
Moderator - Dan Roberts, John Milner Associates Inc.
Views from ACRA - Dana McGowan, Jones & Stokes Associates, Inc.
Views from the National Trust for Historic Preservation - Elizabeth Merritt,
General Counsel, NTHP Views from The National Register - Carol Shull,
Keeper of the National Register, National Park Service
Views from the Departmental Consulting Archeologist - Frank McManamon,
National Park Service

Concurrent Session - Big Ideas for Small and Growing Businesses
Moderator - Tom Wheaton, New South Associates, Inc.
How Insurance Can Save You from Disaster - Chris Butler, C&D Butler, Inc
Accounting and Finances: The Nuts & Bolts of Small Business -
Harry Harrison, Partner, Aronson, Fetridge, Weigle & Schimel
Business Applications & Opportunities on the Internet - Alvin Rosenbaum,
Chairman, The Rosenbaum Group
Reaching for the Stars: Creating Marketing Materials That Are Out of This
World -
Leslie Atkins, President, Leslie Atkins Communications

5:00 - 6:30 PM Reception

Sunday, October 8, 1995
8:00 AM- Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM- ACRA Membership Meeting
10:15 AM- Break
10:30 AM- ACRA Membership Meeting
11:30 AM- Conference Concludes