Re: Linguistic Anthropology

Shahin Nassirkhani (eapu464@EA.OAC.UCI.EDU)
Fri, 8 Sep 1995 21:42:05 -0700

i am currently doing research in historical linguistics for an into class.
some sources of interest to you may be:

o scientific american; jan. '94, pg116:world linguistic diversity
o sci. amer.; oct. '94; pg 141:The origin of language
o public tv seires, NOVA: "linguistics" <-not sure but it's
the one that discusses the Nostraic theory of Dolgopolsky+Svitych
o sci. amer. nov. '92: ling. origins of native americans
o evolutionary anthro.; ?? '95 (spring); pg 206: the spread of
language around the pacific rim by johanna nichols of cal.

where details are missing, you can email me and i'll find out the details
and return your message. IF *ANY*OF*YOU* can tell me of articles related
to psycho, socio, or computational linguistics pleeeeeeeeeez do so, it will
really help me on my research.

of the above articles i strongly recommend the first (has many pointers)
and last (wonderful intro to the whole subject).

good luck,

bobbaq afshar