Re: Ta ta

Michael Cahill (MCBlueline@AOL.COM)
Fri, 8 Sep 1995 10:58:25 -0400

In a message dated 95-09-08 06:50:31 EDT, James G. Carrier writes:

> `Considerate' is a complex notion. In this case, I think it means
>an absence of stridency about oneself and one's rights....
> To put this in more purely personal terms, many people have said
>things on this list that I find irritating. I do not, however, see much
>point in taking them to task. Rarely has anyone said anything so
>irritating that I became seriously concerned. I am more concerned to
>continue the communication than to correct the occasional bad manners and
>thoughtless statements of those around me. I have expected the same
>consideration from others when I say irritating things. However, when too
>high a proportion of the group (and it does not take many) feel free to
>make such correction, the nature of the conversation changes....

This is a perceptive point, well put. I wonder, however, if the tenor of
many of the posts seen on this list doesn't signal the wave of the future.
It might just be the nature of the culture these days. Anthropologists
wanting to discuss issues will have to be prepared to communicate through the
flack. Know that your message is heard and supported here.

Mike Cahill (MCBlueline)
Albany, New York