Re: women's perspective in anthropology

James R Davila (jrd4@ST-ANDREWS.AC.UK)
Thu, 7 Sep 1995 10:37:22 +0100

On Wed, 6 Sep 1995, Ruby Rohrlich wrote:

> Mike: Yours is an intelligent, perceptive posting, except that what I
> was talking about was feminist critiques of the natural sciences, which
> demonstrate that even the kind of research these scientists choose to
> engage in is contaminated by their gender roles, not to mention the
> interpretation of their findings. Of course, all this applies to
> anthropology, too. Ruby Rohrlich

let me echo John's (I think) request for more information. All I've
heard about feminist critique of natural science has been in the form of
conservative rebuttals on the level of "these feminists want to go back
to a genocentric universe because it's earth centered." Please post some
bibliography that you would recommend.

Jim Davila