cybernetics in anthropology...

Gessler, Nicholas (gessler@ANTHRO.SSCNET.UCLA.EDU)
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 20:54:00 PDT

(Please pardon me if this is a duplicate. My posting was returned to me with
the notation "mailbox full.")

Hello Nick Smith,

For cybernetics in anthropology, you might do a search on the additional
keywords of synergetics, artificial intelligence, artificial life, cognitive
science, evolutionary programming, evolutionary computing, distributed
systems, genetic programming, etc. There is a lot of relevant material
outside of anthropology, and bridges are fortunately being made between these

Simulating Societies will be meeting in Florida September 15-17 to focus on
precisely these sorts of interdisciplinary efforts.

If you send me your snail-mail address, I'd be pleased to forward some
articles containing a number of references. It's a demanding, exciting, and
potentially controversial field which offers the hope of embracing various
methods and strategies, cognitions, and new sciences. What prognosis do you
see based upon your review of the literature so far?

Best, Nick Gessler
UCLA - Anthropology