richard brown (rab@RASTRO.COLORADO.EDU)
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 09:53:14 -0600

I know Robert Johnson from the Boulder campus, in fact I saw him last
week the morning he sent out his boring proclamation as to what hole
he was going to sue my department into (which seemed to me to be yet
another feeble ego defense mechanism that had no place on a list owned by
someone else that presumably has no concern w/rj's private machinations
or stray thoughts).
I am certain that rj put out his latest ravings to
bully you people into submission: oh, lets just use the delete key...Why?!

Why not remove him from the list? He has proven time & again that his
only concern with this list is to use it as a soapbox for his juvenile
sloganeering. Who needs it?

start your own list--and see how many folk ever subscribe.

Richard Brown
Department of Anthropology
University of Colorado, Boulder

PS why not take a vote? people could send their ballots to Mr. Jarvis...