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Big Kahuna (s.maples@IX.NETCOM.COM)
Mon, 4 Sep 1995 01:59:16 +0000

quoted from previous post:
> I signed onto this list because I thought there would be
interesting discussions on the subject of anthropology. Of course,
I'm just a humble student with pedestrian interest in the subject and
haven't published any papers or anything.
Despite my shortcomings, can the humble student ask one simple
question of the list-members? Why don't we change this list to:

Robert-Johnson-Bitchandwhine-L list
-end of quote-

I too am surprised at the lack of academic exchange on the list. After
only two days on the Anthro-l listserv, I've recieved about a dozen
posts from Robert Johnson, as well as the numerous responses from
others on the list to his tirades, but little else. I have found remedy in my
software, however, and I suggest the following for all interested in
Anthro-l, but not in the redundant postings of RJ. Get a copy of
Pegasus Mail (you can download it from the Stroud's WWW page), and
add a mail filter for " Robert Johnson". The program will
automatically delete any message that is downloaded with his name
anywhere in the header or text. That way RJ's right to express his
opinions through this public forum will not be violated. But neither
will everyone else's right to ignore him.

Stace Maples
Anthro. Undergrad.

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