Re: Illegal Censorship on anthro-l?

Allan Dunn (adunn@LCLARK.EDU)
Mon, 4 Sep 1995 21:54:32 -0700

interesting discussions on the subject of anthropology. Of course,
I'm just a humble student with pedestrian interest in the subject and
haven't published any papers or anything.
Despite my shortcomings, can the humble student ask one simple
question of the list-members? Why don't we change this list to:

Robert-Johnson-Bitchandwhine-L list

In my humble opinion, I can't see where most of the current articles have
anything to do with anthropology or even intelligent discourse, it has a
lot to do with very practiced egotism and a lot of righteous griping.

I think everyone has something instructive to say on this list and total
agreement on all subjects is boring, not to mention unscientific. Even
RJ is interesting when he doesn't throw a fit and threaten litegation
and throw insults to the four-winds (and returning some, bear in mind).

I also don't know why throwing someone off a moderated list shouldn't be
allowed, providing that there are clear guidelines for this, that RJ
should have been able to understand, after being thrown off once before
(and out of several others, I understand). RJ seems to have a lot of
time to compose his very long, descriptive essays. Perhaps he could
moderate a public list named after whatever it is he espouses exactly.

I signed up to discuss and explore anthropology, except for this one
entry, because I can't take having my ^%&$@ box filled with RJ and all
his detractors and supporters and all their endless dialogue about RJ
(which I suspect RJ gets much gratification from).

Okay, I'm done. No more whining from me. Anyone else?

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