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Robert D. Milhollin (74301.1574@COMPUSERVE.COM)
Mon, 4 Sep 1995 18:53:07 EDT

Greetings ANTHRO-L listowner,

Would it be possible to request that the anthro-l mailings be sent in smaller
bundles instead of the 60,000+ character files being sent currently. I
subscribe to the list through Compuserve and the word processor "Notepad" is not
powerful enough to handle that size of file, and my independent word processor
"Spinaker WinWorks" does not recognize the format the file is stored in. If the
large mailings were divided in two, perhaps one for politics and personal
matters not directly pertaining to anthropology, and the other of scholarly
interest, I feel the membership (myself included) would be better served.
Respectively yours, RD "Dave" Milhollin, Grad student Anth. UT Arlington