Response to req for info

Mon, 4 Sep 1995 14:35:02 -0700


My top choices in journals would be (1) Current Anthropology and (2) Human
Organization. And if you still have money left to spend on subscriptions,
then, The American Journal of Physical Anthropology, the Journal of
Anthropological Research, The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute,
and the American Ethnologist (depending on your specific interests). I would
also recommend a standing order for the Annual Review of Anthropology.

Re the evil eye, the following reference is not recent, but I provide it just
in case you haven't come across it:

Maloney, Clarence, ed.
1976. The Evil Eye. NY: Columbia U. Press.

The papers in this volume are based on a conference held way back in 1972. The
papers deal with the belief in specific countries or regions, e.g., number 4 is
on Greece, "The Evil Eye and Bewitchment in a Peasant Village" by Regina
Dionisopoulos-Mass; number 1 covers the Mediterranean. There is a
cross-cultural perspective essay by John M. Roberts and also two concluding

Phil Young