'comparative universities'

Reed D. Riner (rdr@DANA.UCC.NAU.EDU)
Sun, 3 Sep 1995 17:38:28 -0700

response to Mike Salovesh from RJ, I'm jolted to realize that we have NOT had
any continuing thread addressing issues affecting anthro departments, faculty
and students.

I have watched Boulder closely and continously since Jan 1969 - from
a sort of helix of changing perspectives, and my home, NAU, since 1975.

We have very good conditions on our NAU campus level, with chilling
prospects on the state level as the Az Board of Regents considers following the
Californians' great Pete Wilson in removing Affirmative Action criteria from
all CA campuses, and they've taken up the "tenure debate" (THANKS! '60MIN!',
thanks alot for focusing on AZ in your 'Abuses of tenure' piece!)

any comments on either of these 'bellweather' issues? or others for
this agenda?