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Hugh W. Jarvis (hjarvis@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Sun, 3 Sep 1995 13:25:03 -0400

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Subject: File: "ANTHRO-L WELCOME"

Thanks for subscribing to anthro-l! We are a bulletin board devoted to
scholarly and friendly discussion of anything relating to anthropology.
Please feel free to participate. For your interest, there are a number
of files which may be of help to you. Send the command index anthro-l
to For your information, any requests
for changes to your listserver mail options are to be sent as commands
to the listserver, NOT the whole list. Should you have any questions
please contact the list manager at the address listed below. Enjoy.
For your information, anthro-l archives are stored at the University
at Buffalo, NY, USA, and at the University of Sydney where they are
accessible to the public. The URL for Sydney is

Please note: Use of this list for commercial purposes is absolutely
forbidden. Bulk mailings of any kind are also not allowed. If you
feel your mailing is of significant anthropological relevance, send
it to the listowners for review.

Also please note: Messages posted to anthro-l should be considered
as in the realm of copyright. Hence, they must not be copied to
any other media without permission. Similarly, it is considered in
poor taste to forward to a public forum, any message which has been
posted to you in private, without permission. Such action will be
viewed as possible grounds for loss of access to anthro-l.

Also, the World Email Directory of Anthropologists is always looking
for more entries to add to its database. This directory is a service
that is intended to aid in the scholarly communication of information
between anthropologists and their colleagues in related fields. If
you are willing to provide this information, for you and any of your
colleagues, please send it to the address above and thank you!
To access the WEDA directory, point your gopher or web software to, and look in the Academic/Academic/Anthropology/WEDA
area. You can interactively search the directory in that way. Or,
if you do not have access to this facility, you can always send to
our listserver for a complete copy of the file. Be warned that it is
getting quite large. Send the command get weda directry to the

Here is the format for a WEDA entry:
Name of institution
Department, full mailing address
Phone # Fax #
LAST NAME, first name email address
research focus
LAST NAME, first name email address
research focus

Thank you very much and enjoy anthro-l...

Ezra Zubrow (founder)
Hugh Jarvis (manager)

co-listowners of Anthro-l

Please note: messages posted on anthro-l reflect the opinions of
those who posted them, and do not necessarily reflect the views
of the listowners, the Department of Anthropology, or the State
University of New York at Buffalo.

Further, because this can be considered a published medium, your
statements may be subject to the libel laws. So, please, THINK