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Danny Yee (danny@STAFF.CS.SU.OZ.AU)
Sun, 3 Sep 1995 10:51:05 +1000

Robert Johnson is clearly unable to conceive of numbers N or M bigger
than one or two, and doesn't seem to understand the meaning of the
disjunction "or". But perhaps he is just incapable of reading. The
point of my previous post was that there was a distinction between
people posting their own work and people dumping tracts taken from
elsewhere. Since Dan Foss has never done the latter, it is hard to
see how my post could be interpreted as criticism of him.

I'm curious as to what Robert Johnson would advocate were someone
to dump 100 100K messages a day to this list. By his own avowed
standards he couldn't call for either their ejection or a limit
on posting size/number, so what could he do? (Technical note: it
would be trivial to write a script which automatically took vaguely
anthro-relevant posts from Usenet and dumped them to a mailing-list.
I am sorely tempted to try it on Robert's own list :-)

Danny Yee.

P.S. Someone should put all of Dan Foss' posts together -- the result
would be publishable with a little editing!

P.P.S. The humour impaired should pay close attention to the smiley on
my final sentence.

Robert Johnson wrote:
> I support Mr. Foss's right to send the posting of the above
> subject header and the length of bandwidth which it required.
> Mr. Yee's proposal to limit the length of Mr. Foss's posting
> would substantially curtail his ability to express himself.
> I think therefore this provides an excellent example of the
> unworkability of the new proposal at censorship of list
> members by Mr. Yee.
> While I am at a loss to understand the posting by Mr. Foss
> or for me personally of its relevance to anthropology, I would not
> in any way be so presumptuous as to abrogate his right to express
> himself on anthropological matters that concern him on this list.
> Does Mr. Yee support Mr. Foss's right to express himself and to
> the length he feels necessary?
> If not, why not?