Re: List Moderated???

Robert Johnson (johnsorl@COLORADO.EDU)
Fri, 1 Sep 1995 03:34:23 -0600

On Thu, 31 Aug 1995, Nick Corduan wrote:

> Alright, folks, I know I should keep my yap shut after the flack I caught for
> being ennoyed by fairly off-topic -- or thinly on-topic -- posts, but this is
> getting truly frustrating.

You'll live.

> Is this list not moderated?

If this list were moderated it would open itself up to a lawsuit
like America on Line did and get stuck with a lawsuit for
millions. You need to do a little research in case law.

> If so, how can RJ seriosuly be allowed to
> continue his badmouthing of individuals without presenting evidence or facts
> and his name-calling and foul-language regarding other members of this list.
> All points of dispute about his politics or agenda aside, this is not the
> type of behaviour that is generally considered acceptable.

Genocide of peoples and their cultures as well as generalized
ignorance of the whoring of anthropology today to the World Bank
and big business isn't acceptable behavior either, but its becoming
standard operating procedure by those products of the racist, sexist,
and dumbed down environments of American anthropological education.
Also, if what I say about the anthropology department at University
of Colorado/Boulder as well as the soon to fired Dean of Arts and
Sciences who said he couldn't do anything about the return of my
university internet account isn't true, then tell us why do I
have my internet account now?
You need to brush up on your critical thinking.

> Before you start yelling at me about the First Ammendment,

I won't yell at you about the First Amendment, I'll let the
silence of Arlington, the plains of Normandy, and beaches of
the South Pacific make that point for you.

> let me please
> suggest you read that ammendment, wherein there is no mention of electronic
> mail or anything remotely comprable to this situation.

Originally there wasn't a whole lot mentioned about the civil rights
of any but white males either, but the Bill of Rights has been
seen to have some development since then. Also, learn to research
case law.

Moderating someone's
> behaviour on a list or banning them from that list is not effected by the
> First Ammendment, which only speaks about Congress pasisng laws.

I'd sue my university for breach of contract if I were you.

> Furthermore, before you tell me to use my DELete button . . . Yes, yes, yes.
> Nevertheless, his mail is coming into my personal mail-box.

The Nazis made use of such frustrations concerning Jews in the
Frankfurt School.
Its much more fun to seek the warmth of an ignorant mob and wanna-be
vigilanty group.

> He is forcing
> his words onto the many of us who are tired of his tirades and foul
> language.

I think you need to take this up with Hollywood and other such
irresponsible elements in our society. If McCarthy had only

I do not feel those of us who feel this way -- the majority of
> list-members, I'm sure -- should be forced off the list to flee from one man
> and his tiny band of cohorts.

And the knashing of teeth and rending of garments arisen when I
see the presumption of a sissy in your intentions and bleatings
like the other good burgers and sewing circle Pollyannas.
"Tiny band of cohorts?" Get a grip, act like a "man."

> Peace...

I knew you didn't give much thought to what you say or intend.
Maybe if you read Himmler's THE TASKS BEFORE US it will
inspire some backbone in you.

> Nick---

> Nick Corduan "...there is as much dignity in tilling
> at a field as in writing a poem."
> ( --Booker T. Washington

At least you were able to memorize in
English class.