Same-sex wedding extravaganza in Germany

Fri, 30 Sep 1994 23:13:09 EDT

For everyone's classes on marriage and kinship! Have fun!

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I realize this is not explicitly a domestic partner thing but I though
you all would find it interesting.

After all, it is only a matter of time before same gender couple can
get married in Hawaii...
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Swedish pop group Army Of Lovers will undertake a tour of Germany in
October conducting public mass weddings as a political action. The aim of
the tour is to kick off a serious debate in German media regarding the
introduction of same-sex marriages to German law in a fashion similar to
what has already been instated in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

The tour will feature the following dates:
9.10 Hamburg (Palladium)
12.10 Cologne (Wartesaal)
13.10 Frankfurt (Dorian Gray)
14.10 Munich (HIT FM Halle)
17.10 Stuttgart (Perkins Park)
18.10 Leipzig (Opera)
19.10 Berlin (Pleasure Dome)

The wedding ceremony will be conducted by band member Dominika Peczynski
acting the role of high priestess of love. Dominika will wed straight
couples, gay and lesbian couples and polygamous relationships, all alike.
Band members Jean-Pierre and Alexander will marry a poodle and a cow
respectively. Each person taking part in the wedding ceremony will receive
the official Army Of Lovers wedding certificate.

The idea behind this is of course to have loads of fun but also, on a more
serious note, to question what marriage is all about and whether the
government in any country still has the right to tell people whom or what
they may marry. Gays and lesbians should have the right everywhere to get
married to each other, with the same legal consequences, as any straight
couple do. So far only three Scandinavian countries have introduced such
laws and it's about time we should create a serious public debate
regarding this matter in other relatively liberal countries, such as
Germany and Netherlands. How could gays and lesbians ever be equal, if
they are not equal before the law ?

The new Army Of Lovers album 'Glory Glamour And Gold' is released through
PolyGram in November. The album contains several songs with a strong
pro-gay and pro-sex message such as upcoming singles 'Lit De Parade',
'Sexual Revolution' and 'Life Is Fantastic'. Each member of the German
Bundestag will personally be handled a copy of the album on the day of the
German release.

Both German music TV channel VIVA and gay magazine Magnus are co-managing
the tour with Army Of Lovers and their music industry associates.

For futher information regarding the wedding tour, please contact Army Of
Lovers' German record company, Motor Music in Hamburg at phone #
040/308706 or fax # 040/3087614 or the promotion company Comvent in Berlin
at phone # 030/8240111. Please feel welcome to join the celebrations when
the tour hits your home town !