New member

John Stevens (8859jstev@UMBSKY.CC.UMB.EDU)
Fri, 30 Sep 1994 14:57:13 EDT

Hello to everyone out there. My name is John Stevens and I'm a new
subscriber to anthro-l. I'm an undergraduate (senior) at UMass Boston,
majoring in Cultural Anthropology and the Study of Religion. I'm
looking to meet new people in the field and discuss my interests (and
hopefully get a few good pointers or leads on my ongoing work). My
interests include history of anthropology, epistemology and rhetoric
of human rights, writing ethnography, the cultural history of North America,
Native American studies, and the study of learning disabilities. I'm
currently working on an undergrad thesis focusing on James Mooney's
ethnology of the Ghost Dance; what I hope to do is discuss his and other's
work in the late 19th century as both alternatives to or reflections of
Boasian anthropology, and to also illustrate that the current "crisis of
representation" has always been with us, as have some answers to its
troubling presence. I also want to talk about Mooney's work in its
historical context, and address the uses of history in his time, as well
as current ethnohistorical suppositions and anthropology's usage of the
past. Part of this work will include a discussion of Mooney's conception
of culture and religion, as well as his usage of the Ghost Dance (and

Anyone who has comments or reference suggestions, please write me. I'm
hoping to find some stimulating debate and reflection on this list. Thanks
for your time.