ethnographic examples of cultural amalgamation or co-residence

Linda Ellis (ellisl@MERCURY.SFSU.EDU)
Sun, 25 Sep 1994 09:15:17 -0700

Dear Colleagues: I am conducting a study of 3rd-5th century CE culture
contact in eastern Romania (post-Roman power vacuum and subsequent
migration period). I was wondering if anyone could provide me with any
ethnographic examples of culture contact, amalgamation, or even
co-residence in the context of relatively peaceful times. The
ceramics and burial pattern in the region/time under consideration
indicate that co-existence/amalgamation is occurring. I would be
interested in any ethnographic examples. I do know about and have
references on the Azande--are there any others? Of course, all
assistance would be acknowledged if any publication derives from this study.
Thank you!
Linda Ellis, Museum Studies Program & Dept. of Classics and Classical
Archaeology, San Francisco State University