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Sorry to spread this over the whole net people - Linda, I've deleted your
address <snowhite@...?...> in Seattle, but I thought you might find this

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Date: Fri, 23 Sep 1994 09:18:46 -0500
From: Eric Silverman <ERICS@DEPAUW.EDU>
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Subject: new book on Hawaiian nationalism

This text may not have come to your attention, given the publisher.

Hawai'i: Return to Nationhood, U. Hasager and J. Friedman, eds.
Copenhagen. 1994. IWGIA (international Work Group for Indigenous Affairs.)

It is an anthology of various articles on the sovereignty movement, loosely
defined. The sections are: Hawaiians Define the Situation; Historical,
Cultural and Legal Background; Dependent Hawai'i--Tourism and the
Military; Hawaiian Land--Malama'aina vs. Development; and Looking
Abroad--Hawai'i in the Larger World.

The address to write is IWGIA
Fiolstraede 10, DK-1171, Copenhagen K, Denmark.

It is a colleague's book, so I've no idea as to the price, but it is
worth having.

Eric Silverman
DePauw University
(located in a place that is simply too distant from anything Hawaiian!)