Closure of AIATSIS Library

John Mason (jsm@AIATSIS.GOV.AU)
Fri, 23 Sep 1994 14:55:27 EST


The Library of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander Studies will be CLOSED TO THE
PUBLIC from 1 November 1994 to 31 January 1995 inclusive.
During this time, staff will be working on the large
backlogs of cataloguing and documentation which have
built up over recent years due to an unprecedented
increase in the level of public inquiry.

During the closure, all of the collections, print,
manuscript, film, video, pictorial, and sound, and their
respective staffs, will be unavailable for personal
research or visit. No reference services will be
provided and letters, faxes etc. will be returned asking
the sender to resubmit them after the re-opening of the
Library. To enable staff to make the best possible
progress with cataloguing the backlog, reference
enquiries will be accepted during October 1994 only if
it is expected that they will be completed by 31 October.

AIATSIS grantees will be asked to contact their Research
Officer at the Institute if access to the collections is
required for grant purposes. It is anticipated that
externally funded assistance will be available for native
title claimants and potential claimants who need to use
the collections, but the conditions of the funding
preclude its use for other purposes.

The Institute regrets any inconvenience to researchers
and the public that this closure will cause. It is an
essential measure to ensure that in future we can
continue to provide our high quality and specialised

Contact number for enquiries: Ms Glenys McIver, Library
Director, 616 246 1197. Fax 616 249 7310.