Hist. of Anth. Rdgs.

Mon, 19 Sep 1994 15:23:10 CDT

M. Cooper faces the tough task of teaching History of Anthropology to
second-year students--in a lecture course, at that. (It's a senior
level course at my institution, with only around a dozen students; I
teach it mainly through discussion of readings and a term paper.) M.
Tomaso mentioned Garbarino's *Sociocultural Theory in Anthropology: A
Short History*. I tried this years ago. It is clear, and very brief;
but I found it too brief and oversimplified. I now use Kaplan and
Manners' *Culture Theory* which, though a bit old, has held up well and
has genuine intellectual integrity. I supplement it heavily with
Bohannan and Glazer's *High Points in Anthropology* (2nd ed.), also
mentioned by Tomaso. That volume's selections are quite good, but the
editors' introductions are of uneven quality. I also use Harris'
*Cultural Materialism*, which the students and I really enjoy discussing
and debating. --Bob Graber