Hate/Bias Crime

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A compelling work on this subject from a civil liberties perspective is
"Kindly Inquisitors: the new attacks on Free Thought" by Jonathan Rauch
(1993, University of Chicago Press).

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Re: Hate/Bias Crime

Currently I am researching hate/bias. ... Many confine hate/bias to
hate/bias propaganda and speech. However, hate/bias can be defined as an
act committed against a person or property due to their race, religion,
ethnicity, gender, disability or sexual orientation. This nature of a
broad definition provides the flexibility required to examine hate/bias
not only from a legal perspective, but also from a social science

You may aware of law (reported and unreported court cases included),
policy or practices pertaining to hate/bias control or academic
articles/reports on hate/bias activities. If you could assist me in my
research with any information you may have, I would greatly appreciate it.

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