Re: Flint knapping

Maxine Kleindienst (mkleindi@CREDIT.ERIN.UTORONTO.CA)
Thu, 15 Sep 1994 17:29:28 -0400

Re queries by M. Bauser, I'm not sure anyone has addressed the questions
he is interested in, which are well worth finding out about. My advice
is to corral some knappers, and set-up a good experiment testing various
methods of learning. One can certainly learn by trial-and-error, or by
observation, but some instruction does help. Continual practice seems
essential. Expect lots of stone whittling went on--for fun. Probably there
is--was--no one method of learning that was
universal? Could we differentiate different methods, based on the products?
How often does any archaeologist even consider that what s/he may be
finding is novice practice production? Go to it, Mr. Bauser.

M.R. Kleindienst