Zooarchy job opening

Eric Silverman (ERICS@DEPAUW.EDU)
Fri, 9 Sep 1994 12:34:37 -0500

This is a forwarded zooarchy job announcement from Bishop Museum,
Honolulu, HI:

Bishop Museum, Department of Anthropology invites
applications for a full-time zooarchaeologist to process,
analyze, and interpret bone and shell from previous, on-
going, and future Museum projects in Hawai`i and the
Pacific. Applicant will also be responsible for enlarging
reference collections, database management, and training
lab personnel.
Minimum requirements include a PhD in Anthropology
or related field, experience with zooarchaeological
techniques (sampling, identification, quantification, and
report writing), and a demonstrated publication record.
Additional requirements include a creative, problem-
oriented approach to faunal remains and an interest in
methodological issues. Desired geographical focus Pacific
Basin or other coastal region. Preference given to
candidates with prehistoric and historic experience.
Essential personal skills include communication,
cooperation, and willingness to work with lay community.
Competitive salary, benefits, and retirement plan.
Submit cover letter, vita, and names of three
references by November 30, 1994 to: Bishop Museum,
Personnel Department, P.O. Box 19000A, Honolulu, HI