Listserv stats

Brad M Biglow (bmb@PINE.CSE.NAU.EDU)
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 13:51:54 -0700

Greetings everyone:

As part of the research for my AAA paper on Networking for
Anthropologists, I am in dire need of a few statistics.

As I've been off anthro-l for several months in absentia of the
university, I'm not quite sure who is the moderator of this list
anymore, so pardon the e-mail to you all, hoping this will reach the
correct destination on the other end (Hugh?). Anyway, here's the
statistics I need:

#1. What is the current number of Anthro-l subscribers, and how
many are practicing anthropologists with .com or .org-type
IP addresses vs. .edu extensions (throw in .gov above too)?

#2. What are the numbers of professoriate vs. students on the

Any help much welcone!


Brad M. Biglow
Graduate Student
Dept. of Anthropology
Northern Arizona University