SfAA Conference

Karen A. Leeson (Karen.Leeson@COLORADO.EDU)
Wed, 7 Sep 1994 08:31:24 -0600

Here I am with another reminder. I promise this will be my last. My last
day here at CU-Boulder is Sept. 16 and then I am heading for Phoenix and
hopefully a job. I will still be working on the conference, but if you
need any information after that date you will want to contact Deward
Walker, Program Chair at walkerde@spot.colorado.edu. Kathy in his office
is most helpful.

Hopefully, I won't be unemployed long and will be back on e-mail soon to
assist you in any way I can.

Thank you for your interest in the 1995 SfAA Conference. With your help,
it will be a great one.


1995 Annual Meeting
March 29 - April 2, 1995

Albuquerque Hilton Hotel, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Environment, Development, and Health"


The Society for Applied Anthropology, in cooperation with the High Plains
Society for Applied Anthropology, are pleased to invite you to participate
in the 1995 annual meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology in
Albuquerque, NM. The annual meeting theme is "Environment, Development,
and Health." Sessions and papers are encouraged that focus on theory,
method, and case studies. Local, regional, and international perspective
on these issue are invited from various individuals and groups, including
indigenous, professional, student and other contributors. To facilitate
dialogue at the meetings, the Program Committee invites symposia and papers
from a wide range of applied disciplines and geographical areas, especially
the Southwest. We especially encourage the participation of applied social
scientists working in non-academic settings. We request symposium
organizers to communicate with the Program Committee as soon as possible so
that we may publish titles and organizers of symposia in the SfAA
Newsletter, and encourage individuals to offer papers either for inclusion
in a symposium or as volunteered papers.

Program Committee: Deward Walker, Chair, (Colorado) (303) 492-6719: J.
Thomas May, Business and Hotel Arrangements, (Oklahoma) (405) 843-5113:
Robert A. Hackenberg, Health, (Colorado) (303) 492-8022: Thomas Weaver,
Development (Arizona) (602) 621-6310: Richard W. Stoffle, Environment,
(Arizona) (602) 621-6282: James C. Hill, Local Arrangements, (New Mexico)
(505) 890-1121: Jeanne M. Simonelli, Program Planning, (SUNY-Oneonta) (607)
436-3226: Edward B. Liebow, Program Planning, (Battelle) (206) 528-3311:
Barbara R. Johnston, Program Planning, (San Jose) (408) 723-8073: Carla
Littlefield (Littlefield Associates) (303) 399-7946: J. Terrence McCabe,
Program Planning, (Colorado) (303) 492-0443: Karen Leeson, Publicity and
Communications, (Colorado) (303) 492-6431: Stephanie A. Farquhar, Student
Coordinator, (Colorado) (303) 492-8984: Josh S. Levin, Student Coordinator,
(Colorado) (303) 492-8984

Advance registration is required for acceptance on the program. To propose
a paper of session an Abstract Form must be filled out. No person may
persent (as author or coauthor) more than one paper. An individual may
participate in more than one session as an organizer or discussant.

If you require more information or need a copy of the instructions and
Pre-Registration and Abstract Form, e-mail me your mailing address at
leeson@spot.colorado.edu and I will send you the necessary forms or feel
free to contact any of the people listed above.

I you are interested in making reservations at the Albuquerque Hilton the
numbers are 1-800-336-3676 or local # 505-988-2811. Make sure you mention
that you are attending the SfAA meeting so that you will get the conference