Re: REQUEST: Anthropology on Population

Glenn Stone (stone@COLUMBIA.EDU)
Tue, 6 Sep 1994 20:37:40 EDT

> Date sent: 5-SEP-1994 23:00:22
> I'm looking for an anthropological work (book or article) dealing with the
> latest debates on overpopulation (e.g. is it or is it not a problem, etc.).
> Does anyone have a recent reference that they would recommend. Thanks.
> Richard
> Richard H. Robbins Bitnet: Robbinrh@snyplava.bitnet

There are some interesting things out that question the negative
effects of population increase. One good recent one -- actually, not
even out yet, but due in a few months:

Arizpe., L., M.P. Stone and D. Major
1994 Population and Environment: Rethinking the Debate. Westview
Press, Boulder.

For case studies on agriculture, see M.J. Mortimore & Mary Tiffen's
wonderfully titled _More People, Less Erosion_ on Kenya, and several
of the papers in the 1993 U. Florida volume edited by Kates, Hyden &
Turner, titled something like _Population and Agricultural Change in

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