New EPA rules for Indians for air quality

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Sheila McGarr
> On Thursday, August 25, 1994, the Environmental Protection
> Agency (EPA) published a proposed rule in the Federal
> Register on Air Quality Planning and Management for Indian
> tribes. This proposal solicits electronic comments from the
> public through an Internet e-mail address (Docket-
> and through the EPA bulletin board
> (202-488-3671 or 919-541-4642).
> In the Federal Register documents, EPA directs the public to
> Federal Depository Libraries to view or submit electronic
> comments. A copy of teh notice is provided at the end of
> this message.
> Clearly most Depository Libraries have the ability to
> provide access to the Federal Register, in paper, microfiche
> or online, to facilitate public review of the proposed rule.
> However, what EPA is seeking with this notice is assistance
> from Depository Libraries in providing a terminal with a
> modem or Internet connection that the public could use to
> view and submit electronic comments on the proposed rule.
> This is clearly a service that goes beyond providing access
> to the Federal Register into assisting users to participate
> in the electronic rulemaking process.
> EPA has been informed that not every Depository Library will
> be able to provide this type of assistance since not every
> library has public access terminals that support dial out or
> Internet access. EPA hopes that libraries that do not have
> this ability will assist users who contact them as a result
> of this notice, and that other libraries will at least refer
> users to places where they might obtain such assistance.
> The Library Programs Service (LPS) and Office of Electronic
> Information Disemination Services (EIDS) at the U.S.
> Government Printing Office are very interested in receiving
> information from Depository Libraries about their respnse to
> this request from EPA. In particular we are interested in
> knowing which libraries are willing and able to support such
> technical assistance. Please send your comments to
> Your responses will be
> shared with EPA.
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> [Federal Register: August 25, 1994]
> Part III
> Environmental Protection Agency
> Indian Tribes: Air Quality Planning and Management; Proposed
> Rule
> 40 CFR Parts 35, 49, 50, and 81
> [OAR-FRL-5024-1]
> RIN 2060-AE95
> SUMMARY: The Clean Air Act directs EPA to promulgate
> regulations specifying those provisions of the Act for which
> it is appropriate to treat Indian Tribes in the same manner
> as States. For those provisions specified, a Tribe may
> develop and implement one or more of its own air quality
> programs under the Act. This proposed rule sets forth the
> CAA provisions for which it is appropriate to treat Indian
> Tribes in the same manner as States, establishes the
> requirements that Indian Tribes must meet if they choose to
> seek such treatment, and provides for awards of Federal
> financial assistance to Tribes. EPA requests public comments
> on all aspects of today's proposal.
> DATES: Comments on this proposed rule must be received on or
> before November 23, 1994.
> ADDRESSES: Comments must be mailed (in duplicate, if
> possible) to the EPA Air Docket Office (6102), Attn: Air
> Docket No. A-93-3087, room M1500, 401 M St., SW.,
> Washington, DC 20460. Copies of the comments and supporting
> documents, contained in Docket No. A-93-3087, are available
> for public inspection and review Monday through Friday from
> 8 a.m.--4 p.m., except legal holidays. Starting October 1,
> 1994, dockets will be available for inspection from 8
> a.m.--5:30 p.m., except legal holidays. A reasonable charge
> may be assessed for photocopying of materials.
> Comments and data may also be submitted electronically
> by any of three different mechanisms: by sending electronic
> mail (e-mail) to:; by sending a
> ``Subscribe'' message to
> and once subcribed, send your comments to RIN-2060-AE95; or
> through the EPA Electronic Bulletin Board by dialing
> 202-488-3671, enter selection ``DMAIL,'' user name
> ``BB-USER'' or 919-541-4642, enter selection ``MAIL,'' user
> name ``BB-USER.'' Comments and data will also be accepted on
> disks in WordPerfect in 5.1 file format or ASCII file
> format. All comments and data in electronic form should be
> identified by the docket number A-93-3087. Electronic
> comments on this proposed rule, but not the record, may be
> viewed or new comments filed online at any Federal
> Depository Library. Additional information on electronic
> submissions can be found in Part VII of this document.
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