LA Area Anthropologists

Moira Killoran (mkilloran@WHITTIER.EDU)
Sun, 4 Sep 1994 13:39:01 -0800

I just moved out here from Austin Texas to teach at Whittier College and I =
am wanting to get in touch with LA area sociocultural anthropologists-

My interests are in:
(1) Gender, ethnicity, colonialism, nationalism and post-structuralism-- =
looking at liminally spaced/placed cultures like my dissertation research =
which was on the internationally unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern =
Cyprus and
(2) Constructions of gender, sexuality, ethnicity and aggression in North =
American liminal cultures of college fraternities and sororities --

Anyone who wants to contact me--
Moira Killoran
or (office) 310-907-4200 ext. 4341