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Joy (juvelis@LUNA.CAS.USF.EDU)
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I am currently using Folio Views for the first time. I am extremely
pleased with it, though I have not used the other software that you
mention. I can organize and code my data in a number of ways with little
effort. It affords me great flexibility. And it is *extremely*
user-friendly. Every word in its on-line tutorial is indexed, so it's
easy to find help when you need it. Check out Miles & Huberman's book on
qualitative data analysis. They have a chart in the back that compares
various software programs including Folio Views.

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> Am working as ethnographer on a new project, and we are interested in
> purchasing software(for PC) that will help us manage/analyize a large
> number of life histories, transcripts of focus groups, and interviews
> with key informants. We are currently looking at 'Folio Views' which
> was not developed for anthro, and we've heard about Tally and
> Anthro-Pak (sp?) I'd appreciate feedback from folks who have used
> any of the above, or anything else out there that you have found
> useful.
> Thanks in advance,
> Denise Oliver
> Alliance for Research in el Barrio and Bayamon
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