Anthropology and history Resources

Claudia Patricia Puerta (cpuerta@CONEXRED.EAFIT.EDU.CO)
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 08:57:04 -0500


I am doing a paper in which i have to make a comparison between the
resources of anthropology and the ones of the history. I know that each
of them can use the other (and maybe they have in order to reach a
holistic vision).

According to Antoine Casanova (60's), the etnology method had to be used
for the campesinos studies, for the studies about groups of the country.
And he cuoted M. Bloch, saying that for this agricultural groups one has
to "read the history backwards". They called this, as A.
Leroi-Gourhan did: "L'Histoire sans textes".

Maybe, today the resources for both are more the same, only that each
study them from a different perspective.

Thanks for your help

Claudia Puerta

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