Computational Anthropology I: AAA @ SF

Nicholas Gessler (gessler@UCLA.EDU)
Sun, 27 Oct 1996 13:09:35 -0800

Get-Together at the 1996 American Anthropological Association meetings in
San Francisco.

Let's meet towards the end of the conference to discuss:
Artificial Intelligence, Generative Logical Systems, Cognitive Science,
Artificial Life, Artificial Culture, Artificial Societies, Simulations,
Cyber-Anthropology, Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic
Anthropology, Populating Cyberspace, Virtual Communities, the Synthetic
Theatre of War, and any of the many instantiations of Computational

We have no official venue to discuss these issues in 1996. However, the
1997 American Anthropological Association meetings have as their theme, the
anthropology of the coming millennium. How does computation effect our view
of the world and how does that view effect computation? Let's meet early to
discuss a 1997 session and special event on Computational Anthropology. Can
we afford to consider the future of anthropology without a session and
special event on this timely subject? The postmodern age was initially
defined as the computer and information age. Can that cultural move help us
to teach, build scientific theory, facilitate research, and understand and
explain cultural phenomena? Many of us think so...

Look for more news and announcements:
on Anthro-L
at the AAA SF (a poster will be provisionally displayed under the auspices
of Visual Anthropology)
my web site (a Coputational Anthropology page will soon be created)

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