Re: the lack of coverage

Ronald Kephart (rkephart@OSPREY.UNF.EDU)
Fri, 25 Oct 1996 16:41:57 -0400

In message <v01530501ae95a4e698d2@[]> Josh Chisom writes:

> Hell, most of the people I talk to ask me what it's like
> digging things out of the ground.

I've had people asssume, on learning that I'm an anthropologist, that I know
which races people belong to. When they find out that I also do linguistics,
they assume I know what "good grammar" is (actually these two misconceptions are
more closely related than they might at first appear). This is (one of) our
biggest failing(s): letting people know what we do, and what it means. And that
goes for both anthropology and linguistics.

Ron Kephart
University of North Florida