Please recommend one of two anthro journals

Wade Tarzia (tarzia@UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU)
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 14:45:39 -0400

Hello -- Now, if you had enough money to subscribe to only one anthropology
journal, what would it be? American Anthropologist or Current Archaeology?
I subscribed to AA for years and had no complaints, but I dropped it when
I decided I could just go to the library and read it. And *then* I missed
something important when that issue wasn't in the stacks. So I had better
subscribe to something, I think, besides JAF.

I enjoy the point-counter-point of CA, although the room taken by responses
seems to take up room that could be used for another article for that
issue. Also, in a world telling me what to believe on every turn, the
point-counter-point leaves me without a course in life! Gack, no fence, no
leash, absolute free choice in forming an opinion.... What a quandry!
Somebody decide for me, please. My coin refuses, keeps standing up on its
edge every time!

What did I hear about a reformat of CA here recently? Something about an
overview forum for hot topics? It sounded good, but has anyone seen the
new format yet? Would it serve the needs of a semi-anthropologist (if I
may be so bold as to lay that title on myself) in need of broad anthro
education ?

Answer privately if you prefer. Thanks! -- wade tarzia