Ubar-"The Atlantis of the Sands"

Rizk F. Nakhleh (Baynuna@AOL.COM)
Sat, 19 Oct 1996 12:36:07 -0400

I was wondering of anyone was familiar with the site of Ubar or Iram
found between the Empty Quarter,(Rub Al Khali), and the Hadarmut in Southern
Arabia. During the Gulf War a recon. plane found the old routes that served
as passage for merchants between Sebia, Yithrib and Ubar. Many attampts have
been made to find the site since the early 1900's, namely by; Bertram Thomas,
St. John Philiby and a poor attempt by Wendel Philips.
I am aware of the fact that a team of Anthropologists did some work on a
site in Oman just recently. My question is: Who were they? How can I get in
touch with them? And where can I locate more literature on this topic?

Rizk F. Nakhleh