Re: industry finger up the academic wazoo

John McCreery (jlm@TWICS.COM)
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 00:54:44 +0900

>>How's that for industry finger up the academic wazoo?
>I personally find this euphamism to be the most creative phrase for, um,
>well, y'all know, that I've heard in years! Can I borrow it? With all due
>credit of course ;-)
>- Adrienne

Credit goes to Wade Tarzia, whose phrase it is.

Seriously, though, I see Wade's remarks as pointing to an issue in academic
self-definitions that could use a little airing. I am not denying the
strength or direction of his feelings, which I suspect are widely shared. I
am wondering, as someone who has read both Mary Douglas and Pierre
Bourdieu, on category violations and the struggle over social capital
respectively, if we couldn't be a little clearer about which boundaries we
are defending and why the industry finger in question is catching such a
lot of shit. What, too, of the role of the university in all this: virginal
aunt appalled at being goosed or aged bugger anticipating something more. I
suspect that I have fallen over the edge of thoroughly offensive here. But
why should the edge be just here? There is a question for a truly reflexive

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